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  • I, the undersigned, hereby declare that I intend on participating in a sporting event necessitating substantial physical exertion.
  • I hereby declare that I am healthy and able to run the marathon, and trained appropriately in advance.
  • I understand that my participation – in the event that I'm not amply physically ready – could endanger my health.
  • If you've suffered or if you suspect that you've suffered in the week leading up to the marathon from any illness whatsoever, including fever, gastrointestinal disturbance or a cold, consult with a doctor before participating and attain approval for the physical strain.
  • I hereby waive any claim against the event producer, “Pride Run" and any party acting on its behalf, in regard to any damage that may be caused, from physical damage before the Run, the Run itself or thereafter, including property damage and/or equipment loss.
  • I agree that the organizers will be authorized to make any and all decisions regarding cancellation or changing of the time of the Pride Run, its course, or all-out or partial cancellation in accordance with weather conditions anticipated before the marathon; whether or not they materialize, I waived all claims hence.
  • I, the undersigned, commit to not suing or making any tort claim against the aforementioned parties.

Registration Fee
Rs. 799/- for
10Km Run,
Rs. 699/- for
5Km Run,
Rs. 599/- for
2Km Run


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Name: Chronic Foundation
AC No: 625301224327
AC Type: Current Account
Branch : Kumara Park, Bengaluru
IFSC : ICIC0006253